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T h e   W e s t l a k e - T e o h   D u o

Ben Westlake and Hannah-Elizabeth Teoh studied together at the Royal Academy of Music in London, but it wasn't until after they both moved to Paris that they met.

They soon became great friends, and feel privileged to share the joy of playing music together. They made their debut as a duo in February 2016, when they returned to the Royal Academy of Music to give the Prize Winner's Recital for the Buffet Crampon Clarinet Prize which Ben had won the previous year. Since then, Ben and Hannah have continued performing together in Paris, working on recordings and developing an extensive duo repertoire in preparation for concerts and other exciting projects in 2017. Their mutual love for music and shared sense of humour makes rehearsals fun and rewarding and brings a special chemistry and warmth to the stage which their audiences find compelling.

Hannah-Elizabeth Teoh


New Zealand pianist Hannah-Elizabeth Teoh has been driven by her passion for music since she began playing at the age of five. During her teenage years she studied with New Zealand icon Judith Clark, and attended the New Zealand School of Music Academy. She played regularly throughout the country in masterclasses and festivals and her  performances as a soloist have been met with critical acclaim. She pursued academic musical studies at Victoria University, Wellington and has recorded with the New Zealand symphony orchestra. 
In 2011 she came to the UK to study on scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music, where she benefited from the guidance of renowned pedagogue Pascal Nemirovski. Concert appearances in the UK include the St Paul’s Church, Bedford concert series, the Farley Music Festival in Salisbury, and St John's Smith Square. As a pianist from New Zealand, Hannah is aware of a responsibility to bring the music of her home country overseas and her extensive repertoire reflects this. Contemporary music is an important part of her life - she has worked with London based contemporary music ensemble Area 51 and premiered works by leading composers from New Zealand. 
Hannah graduated from the Academy with an honours degree in 2015 and now lives in Paris where she studies at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris with Jean-Marc Luisada. She pursues many interests outside of music, including literature and the visual arts, and works to explore ways of linking these disciplines to piano performance, developing and expanding the margins of the traditional concert format.

To enquire about the possibility of booking Ben and Hannah for events, please contact them through

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